Experience the power of MorinCee!

Moringa Oleifera plus Calcium Ascorbate


MORINCEE is made of 400 mg Moringa Oleifera and 100 mg of calcium ascorbate. It is proudly Philippine made from the “world’s most nutritious plant”.

Moringa Oleifera (Malunggay) protects your body against harmful toxic elements such as carcinogens. It is rich in chlorophyll, amino acids and omega 3 oils. It contains: 15 times potassium of banana, 4 times vitamin B of pork meat, 10 times vitamin A of carrots, 6 times vitamin E of grape seed oil, 17 times calcium of milk, 9 times protein of yoghurt, 7 times vitamin C of oranges, 50 times vitamin B3 of peanut, 8 times polyphenol of red wine, 30 times R-amino acid of brown rice, 36 times magnesium of egg, 2 times amino acid of black vinegar, 4 times chlorophyll of wheat grass, 4 times R-amino acid of gaba tea, 25 times iron of spinach and 50 times vitamin B2 of sardines.

These compositions boost immune system, high potency and increases sperm count and motility, detoxifies, promotes healthy and fair skin, protects heart and brain, prevents glaucoma and cataract, treats insomia, arthritis and rheumatism, controls blood sugar level, protects liver and kidneys, regulates cholesterol, blood pressure and blood clotting, an effective anti-aging vitamin, develops strong bones, teeth and healthy gums, good vision, and prevent many more diseases.